Horticulture NRM Strategy

The Horticulture Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategy addresses the issue of natural resource management while also promoting the benefit of horticultural production. It is a clear and practical plan that provides a benchmark for horticultureā€™s profitable and sustainable future at every level. This Strategy enables horticultural industries to strategically address environmental issues and allow them to communicate their successes.

Industry bodies are encouraged to take up the Horticulture NRM Initiative and apply it to their individual circumstances. For example, as industries revise their Industry Development Plans they can build in elements of the Strategy. They may choose to incorporate relevant aspects of the Strategy independently or in collaboration with others.

Natural resources, such as soil and water, are the foundation of horticultural production. Proper use of natural resources is important on every level. Growers need access to suitable and sustainable natural resources for production today and into the future. Communities and governments insist that production does not negatively impact on surrounding environments. Customers want assurances that products are premium quality and grown with a commitment to environmental principles.

Horticulture for tomorrow aims to increase efficiency, while ensuring the effective long-term management of natural resource use in horticulture, especially in the case of water use as the industry is one of the most vulnerable industries to seasonal water availability and water quality changes.

ThanksĀ to the development of the guidelines, growers/practitioners will be able to incorporate or adapt the document for individual codes of practice or management systems, to ensure the specific needs of horticulture are covered and recognised by water suppliers and regulators.

By improving efficiencies and management of resource use, the long-term sustainability of horticulture and the environment will be ensured.

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Horticulture NRM Strategy vision:

A profitable horticultural industry based on environmentally sustainable production.


  1. Efficient Production: advancing efficient and sustainable production systems for profitable and environmentally sound produce.
  2. Skilled Growers: building the capacity and confidence of growers to understand and manage sustainable production systems and environmental issues.
  3. Healthy Environments: planning environmentally healthy and productive regions through joint programs that engage industries and resource management agencies at all levels.
  4. Positive Communities: providing positive business environments for growers through informed planning and policies to help growers invest wisely and add value to regions and communities.
  5. Loyal Consumers: maintaining ongoing consumer demand for Australian produce with informed purchasers, confident in the availability and quality of produce, and the farming systems that grow it.
This NRM Strategy still provides useful advice and overview of the environment issues and approaches industry are taking at a national level to address these issues.