Land and soil management

Chapter 1: Land and soil management

The Land and soil management chapter focuses on how horticultural businesses can maintain or improve soil condition.

The chapter is broken up into the following topics:
1a. soil erosion caused by water
1b. soil erosion caused by wind
1c. soil structure
1d. salinity
1e. soil acidity and alkalinity
1f. sodicity

The priorities for soil management vary depending on soil types, topography of the land, surrounding environment, previous land use and climate. The priority given to the soil management practices discussed in this section will vary from farm to farm and between production regions.

Note that within each chapter the guidelines provide information and guidance on the following:

  • the priority environmental management issues of concern;
  • how a business can assess the associated environmental risks;
  • practices that are recommended for addressing the identified risks; and
  • suggestions for monitoring and recording to demonstrate that environmental management outcomes are being met.

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