Nutrient management

Chapter 4: Nutrient management

The Nutrient management chapter provides advice on maintaining the productive capacity of the soil without detriment to the environment.

Most Australian soils are naturally low in nutrients. It is important to choose and apply fertilisers correctly because, if wrongly used, they may contribute to off-site degradation of groundwater and waterways, increase soil acidity, salinity and sodicity problems, and contaminate soil.

The chapter specifically considers the following two topics:
4a. Nutrient requirements (nutrient budgeting)
4b. Nutrient application (rate, frequency, timing and placement)

Note that within each chapter the guidelines provide information and guidance on the following:

  • the priority environmental management issues of concern;
  • how a business can assess the associated environmental risks;
  • practices that are recommended for addressing the identified risks; and
  • suggestions for monitoring and recording to demonstrate that environmental management outcomes are being met.

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