Practical tools and resources

Section: Practical tools and resources

Legislation requirements

As laws and regulations can vary considerably between topics, states and regions this section provides advice on how to find out what laws apply to your property.

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Process steps and inputs

Flow diagrams which detail the process steps and inputs for the major stages of field crop production, nursery production, field packing and shed packing. The diagrams show the range of steps that may occur for each process and the inputs and practices that may result in environmental impact.

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Environmental impact identification table

The impact identification table details potential on-farm and off-farm environmental impacts from horticultural operations. The impacts are considered for each process step, making the link between activities and environmental ‘hazards’.

A significant environmental impact is defined as any negative change to the environment resulting from business practices that varies from the environmental outcomes acceptable to industry, the community, regulators and markets.

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Further resources

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